04 Jul

On my way to Rusumo Falls, I saw two identical hills shaped like breasts. Attracted by the allure of the beautiful pair, I pulled over and took pictures. While snapping some memories, a few boys from the local community gathered around me. 

The two hills are known as Amabere y'Inkumi. This Kinyarwanda phrase means girl's breasts. "Those are the most attractive breasts you have ever seen. Feel free to get closer and touch them. It is allowed." Bosco (not his real name) told me amid laughter from his equally naughty friends.    

Well, I followed his advice and took a detour toward the hills. The closer I got, the more I realized that the boobs of Kirehe are a hiker's paradise. From the tip of either titty, one can see the Akagera River, Rusumo Falls and parts of the neighboring countries of Tanzania and Burundi.  

Amabere y'Inkumi are found in Kigarama Sector, less than ten kilometers from Rusumo One-Stop Border Post. You can have a good look at the sensual hills from the highway. If you are a hiking enthusiast, climbing one of them is highly recommended. In the words of naughty Bosco, "Feel free to get closer and touch them. It is allowed."

Rwanda is known for its numerous breathtaking hills. 1,000 hills moniker is usually used to refer to this remarkable destination. The hills come in different shapes and sizes, some of which are an embodiment of nature's seductive ways.

After a brief stopover at Amabere y'Inkumi, I proceeded to the Kagera River and its stunning Rusumo Falls. My experiences at Rusumo will be shared right here. Stay tuned.