01 Jul

The 30 Districts Expedition is a content marketing campaign designed to promote Rwanda as a destination and enable local businesses to gain mileage in the market. Behind the campaign is a community outreach program rolled out to empower the youth through reading. 

In partnership with different stakeholders, I am donating my books to community libraries and hospitality establishments in the destinations I am covering. During my extensive tours, I also spare some time to engage in interactive reading sessions with the beneficiaries. 

By donating books that showcase Africa’s tourist attractions and success stories from African communities, we are helping the youth to embrace the beauty of their continent and draw some inspiration from those who are making the most out of the opportunities that surround us. The result is an emergence of the new generation of empowered young Africans, capable of taking the ongoing socio-economic transformations to the next level.

The first library to receive donations from the current campaign is the one set up at Kabuga Youth Friendly Center. Apart from the library, which doubles as the computer lab, the center has recreational facilities. Free services are offered for the benefit of members of the surrounding communities, particularly the youth.

Although the days of my youth are behind me, I am still a regular fixture at such centers. Quite often, I show up to read books or play basketball. Once in a while, I act as a visiting coach and share the knowledge accumulated over the years.

The last time I visited Kabuga Youth Friendly Center, I donated copies of a book titled Memories, paid for by Jalia Garden. Hopefully, I will be back soon with more books. Meanwhile, I am grateful to The Financial Outburst for extending a helping hand today.