30 Jun

While in Gasabo District, I stayed at FAME Guest House. I chose FAME because the facility encompasses a café and coworking space. In the beginning of the tour, I had a lot of planning and coordinating to do. It was therefore important to find a peaceful working environment.

I also needed to explore Kigali's nightlife. There is no better place to rub shoulders with the city's party animals than Gisimenti area, where FAME is found. The implementation of this campaign involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. However, there will be room for entertainment.

FAME guest house's strategic location enabled me to conduct in-person meetings with Kigali-based stakeholders without facing any logistical hurdles. From my FAME base in Remera Sector, I could easily dash to any part of the city whenever I needed to.

During my last night in Gasabo, I took a walk along KG 18 Avenue. Recently, the once vibrant street has seen its car free days being reduced from every weekend to one weekend per month. After strolling around for about fifteen minutes, I popped into the Bahamas Pub.

At the pub, a live band was playing sentimental traditional Rwandan songs. The audience, composed of middle-aged men and women, sang along. Every now and then, someone would throw some cash on the stage. I guess this is how the establishment's revelers tip their entertainers.

When I informed a friend of mine that I would be on a tour for three months, he wanted to know if it was business or leisure. Well, there is a thin line between the two. In Gasabo, FAME guest house helped me to strike a perfect balance.