29 Jun

It's June 1, 2023. I have just embarked on the longest tour of my life. The three-month trip, across all 30 districts of Rwanda, begins in Gasabo.  

To kick-start the mega expedition, I am trying to rediscover my bowling touch. The first activity of the much-anticipated 30 Districts Expedition is taking place at Mamba Club in Kimihurura Sector. For the record, this is the only bowling alley in Rwanda.

I haven't bowled since 2004. The last time I rolled the ball, some of you were not yet born. It has been ages. 

I start the game with a bang. My first shot in almost two decades is a strike. Unfortunately, the best I can do the rest of the way is picking up a spare. At the end of the game, my scoresheet reads 120. I don't know what that means. What is clear to me is that I am the second-best performer out of four participants. 

Apart from bowling, Mamba Club's patrons indulge in swimming, volleyball, pool, ping pong and other recreational activities. In addition, the establishment's hostel offers affordable accommodation without compromising standards. That explains its popularity among tourists hailing from all over the world.

I have two more days in Gasabo. From here, I will go to Nyarugenge. Before I leave, I am scheduled to donate books to Kabuga Youth Center. Through the tour's community outreach program, we will be filling the shelves of our community libraries with Afrocentric books.