01 Sep

Visiting Ndaba Rock wasn't on my planned itinerary, and I must confess that straying from my travel plans is one of my quirks. If it wasn't for my commitment to the book club schedule, I would have explored the country more spontaneously.

The idea of stopping at Ndaba Rock occurred to me as I was refueling at Rubengera Junction. It was still early, and I had no scheduled activities in downtown Karongi that day.

I almost missed the rock entirely, but fortunately, a few boys signaled me to stop. These boys happened to be skilled multilingual storytellers who've turned Ndaba's legend into a means of income. Guided by them, I descended into the gorge, all the way to the base of a towering cliff.

Listening to the story of the man behind the rock's name, I couldn't help but be captivated by the waterfall. The way it gracefully flowed, swaying to the rhythm of gravity, created a mesmerizing spectacle. Nature's wonders never cease to amaze me.

As we made our way back to the highway, I noticed other travelers admiring the falls from the cliff's top. Among them was someone recording my tour guide's colleague narrating the intriguing story of Ndaba.

The attraction, known as Urutare rwa Ndaba (Ndaba Rock), is, in fact, a breathtaking waterfall. Behind this awe-inspiring natural wonder lies a tale of greed and tragedy. If you find yourself driving to Karongi, be sure to stop by and hear the thought-provoking story as told by the young local guides.