08 Jul

While in Kirehe, I stayed at East Gate Hotel. Before I left, I gave a special gift to the receptionist who checked me in and took a good care of me throughout my three-day sojourn. 

The gift in question is a copy of a book titled The Akagera Expedition. It highlights my unforgettable experiences in the Akagera National Park. As I always say, good things are meant to be shared, and these recollections are no exception. 

If you have been reading my chronicles lately, you must be aware of my ongoing expedition across all thirty districts of Rwanda. While on this grand tour of Remarkable Rwanda, I am giving away books paid for by stakeholders. 

Speaking of stakeholders, I am grateful to RichTech Printing House for enabling me to tip the receptionist, who demonstrated exemplary customer service.  

When I left Kirehe, I indulged in an exhilarating adventure ride to Kayonza through a scenic off-the-beaten path. Unfortunately, the digital magazine on which the tour was documented was hacked. The hacker deleted all the content dating back to 2017. 

We have managed to retrieve all the files, but the old site is still under reconstruction. Meanwhile, I will be blogging on afrikanzuri.com. The self-built platform will be used to share my travel experiences in other African destinations after the conclusion of the current project.