02 Jul

On this 10th day of The 30 Districts Expedition, I am leaving for Rwamagana. Before I hit the road, I would like to respond to a reader who thought I exaggerated when I mentioned that, on a good day, one can see Muhabura from Eagle View Lodge in Kigali.

If you are one of the doubting Thomases, I assure you that the image above was taken from the aforementioned lodge. Yes, when the sky is clear, all you have to do is open the curtain. Even better, step on the balcony.

Muhabura is one of the eight volcanoes found in the Virunga Massif, home of the mountain gorillas. Reaching 4,127 meters (13,540 feet) above sea level, it is the third-tallest volcano is the Virunga range. The rest of the volcanoes found in the same chain are Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Bisoke, Karisimbi, Mikeno, Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo.

While Muhabura and Gahinga straddle the Rwanda - Uganda border, Bisoke and Karisimbi are lined up along the Rwanda - DR Congo border. Each one of the three neighboring countries owns a slice of Sabyinyo. The magical creation stands at the adjoining point of three countries and three national parks. Mikeno, Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo, on the other hand, are entirely in DR Congo.

Muhabura is not the only volcano you can see from Eagle View Lodge. Although partially obstructed, Gahinga’s summit is also visible from the property found in Kigali’s affluent Rebero neighborhood.

You don’t have to book a room to enjoy the view. The door is open for non-residents in pursuit of a fine-dining experience. Hopefully, visibility will be good enough when you show up.