29 Aug

A couple of days ago, I provided an extensive overview of my venture into brick-making in Kivumu Sector, Rutsiro District. Following my time there, I transitioned to Kigeyo Sector, within the same district, where I delved into the realm of beekeeping and gained valuable insights into honey production. 

Engaging in the economic endeavors of my host communities allows me to acquire fresh skills and develop new perspectives. Collaborating with them not only generates authentic experiences but also forges strong bonds.

As the sun set on that unforgettable day, I hopped onto my motorcycle and revved the throttle en route to Collins Cyimbiri Guest House. Perched along the shores of Lake Kivu and nestled within the embrace of the Congo Nile Trail, this cozy guest house is a sojourning nest for intrepid explorers trekking or cycling from the northern expanse of Lake Kivu.

After a peaceful night at the aforementioned guest house, I took a leisurely stroll around the village. The whole settlement is on a sprawling coffee estate overseen by "Hope for a Thousand Hills," a Christian nonprofit dedicated to fostering the growth of coffee farming communities in Rwanda.

Before departure, I enjoyed a delightful breakfast served in the serene garden. Savoring pastries and relishing my favorite aromatic beverages, I found myself entranced by the enchanting beauty of Nyamirundi, Gishamwana, and Nyantima islands. The captivating view of the lake, adorned with these picturesque islands, took my breath away.

From Cyimbiri, I navigated a narrow trail to the highway and proceeded to Karongi – my third sub-destination along the remarkable Kivu Belt stretch. This marked my 20th stop on the unforgettable tour dubbed the 30 Districts Expedition.