04 Jul

Here we go again. Another river post. If you are not into rivers, bear with me. The good news is that today's piece is about much more than simply another river. Having established the connection between Lake Rweru and Lake Victoria, our point of interest is Rusumo Falls. 

Waterfalls evoke a sense of wonder. When I made it to the falls, I was awestruck by the picturesque attraction. Gleams of sunlight casting a shimmering rainbow in the mist create a sight to behold. 

The best Rusumo Falls viewpoint is the bridge connecting Rwanda and Tanzania. I had to stand on the old, closed bridge for an unobstructed view. To access the no-man's land, I needed clearance from the security personnel.

After soaking up the beauty of the falls, I moved to the new bridge. It is from the bigger bridge where I had a better view of the lower stream. On that side, the flow cascading down the valley against the backdrop of green hills took my breath away.  

As hinted above, the Kagera River flows from Lake Rweru to Lake Victoria. Along the way, it forms the boundary line between Rwanda and Tanzania. Farther ahead, it borders Tanzania and Uganda. 

Apart from charming tourists, waterfalls attract investors in the energy sector. Upon its completion, the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydropower Project will generate 80 MW for the benefit of Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi.