28 Jun

In the beginning of this month, I embarked on a tour dubbed The 30 Districts Expedition. This is the mother of all tours. The rationale behind the long voyage, across all 30 districts of Rwanda, is to promote the destination and businesses that form the nucleus of its economy. 

Through the project's community outreach program, I am donating Afrocentric books to community libraries in partnership with stakeholders. Our goal is to showcase the beauty of the continent and uncover its opportunities.    

So far, I have been to Gasabo, Nyarugenge, Kicukiro, Rwamagana, Bugesera, Ngoma, Kirehe and Kayonza. Until a few days ago, I was updating my audience by publishing daily pieces on exposure.rw. 

On Sunday, June 25, the site was hacked. Since my sponsorship obligations start with blogging, I had to figure out how to recover the blog before resuming the tour. We are working around the clock to restore Exposure's content. 

From now henceforth, I will be managing all my sites. Circumstances have forced me to take matters into my own hands. 

My hacked website's host says managing the website was none of his business. According to him, the technical support offered to me over the years was simply assistance. To be fair, he has never charged me for anything beyond domain and hosting.  

I am not pointing fingers. I don't know who the culprit is, but I will get to the bottom of it. Although his report doesn't explain the mystery behind the fishy disappearance of the backed up files, I am to blame for working under rather bizarre arrangements. The buck stops here.

If you have noticed, you are reading this on afrikanzuri.com, instead of exposure.rw. The latter is off the internet until further notice. In the meantime, I am redirecting its traffic to this site. 

Unveiled today as a simple blog, afrikanzuri.com will eventually be transformed into a powerful promotional platform for African destinations, products and services. This self-built site will also be a credible source of travel information and a resourceful tool for all travel enthusiasts planning to visit Mama Africa.