31 Jul

A couple of days ago, I published a post highlighting my exhilarating ride from Nyagatare to Rukomo. From Rukomo junction, I spun my spokes to a village known as Maya, approximately twenty kilometers before Gatuna border post.

After branching off the tarmac, I had a tea break at Heroes View Lodge. While sipping my favorite aromatic beverages, I marveled at the northern picturesque hills and the sprawling Mulindi tea plantations.

Speaking of heroes, it is in this area where the National Liberation Museum Park is located. Since I featured the museum in a book titled Memories, I decided to skip a tour of Umulindi w'Intwari this time around. I will be back when the ongoing transformation of the site is complete.

My destination was Ikiraro k’Inyambo, a cultural site located in Kaniga Sector. The off-road trail from Mulindi to my destination was quite scenic. Along the seven-kilometer stretch, I had two water breaks at selected viewpoints. Upon arrival, I strolled around the site and soaked up the beauty of the hill and the surrounding landscapes.

From my vantage point, I saw the highway meandering all the way to Gatuna. Farther ahead, the misty-capped hills of Gicumbi, Rulindo, Gakenke, Burera, Musanze and southwestern Uganda looked like shuffled waves in the ocean. On a good day, one can see Muhabura soaring to the clouds, more than 13,000 feet above sea level.

It's amazing how green the Northern Province is even during the dry season. Over the next ten days or so, I will be visiting all five districts of the highest province (altitude wise) in Rwanda. Stay tuned.