Staying in Shape While Visiting Togo

It’s 8 p.m. here in Lomé, Togo. I am working out vigorously in my host’s home gym. Through the window, I can see motorists traversing the ever busy Boulevard Jean Paul II. As I burn calories, I am entertained by the participants of the ongoing karaoke session at the neighboring Before & After Nightclub. I can’t see them, but I can hear their soothing vocals.

Usually, I exercise in the morning. It's much easier to observe this routine early in the morning. As far as I am concerned, the best time to work out is 5 a.m. Why? There are no distractions at 5 in the morning.

Since I am on vacation, I have been hitting the gym a little late, at 7 a.m. to be precise. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to do so today. That’s why I am sweating profusely in the gym instead of sampling cocktails while watching karaoke performers at the aforementioned nightclub.

So far, I have toured Togo’s Maritime Region extensively. This memorable expedition has not only been enchanting, but also informative. Between thrilling motorbike rides and beach volleyball, I have spared some time to visit museums and heritage sites across the coastal strip. In addition, I have bought souvenirs from art galleries, curio shops and the bustling Grande Marche. After visits to animist shrines and the only fetish market I have ever been to, I am trying to make sense of the intriguing Voodoo doctrines.

A month on vacation can do a lot of damage to one’s fitness. As a full-time tourist, I always create time to exercise during my tours. If you have been reading my stories for a while, you are probably aware of my dedication to fitness.

Well, this is not a fitness blog. It is an adventure travel site. However, fitness and adventure are interrelated pursuits. You need to be in a good shape to lead an adventure-filled life. The combination of fitness and adventure brings money-can’t-buy leisure benefits.

Working out in Togo has been easy because, as hinted earlier, my host has a private gym. Besides, I have been a regular fixture at Petit Brussel. Working out at this beach hotel’s outdoor gym is one of my favorite activities in Lomé. 

The pursuit of fitness has taught me important life lessons. For starters, attaining fitness goals requires discipline. The same discipline that enables us to achieve business and life goals. Secondly, the fitness journey is a gradual process. There are no shortcuts. To reach the upper floors, we need to take the stairs, one step at a time. Elevators don’t exist. The process is slow. However, it doesn’t have to be painful. With the right alignment of body, mind and soul, we can undoubtedly enjoy the journey. It’s fun.