Blissful Moments at Marcelo Beach

Upon arrival, I sat on a boat and ordered a cold coconut lime cucumber mocktail. The boat in question is engineless and stationary. It never moves. However, the sheer power of the Atlantic waves and the wind blowing from the ocean, made me feel like a passenger aboard a sailing vessel.

Speaking of sailing, I couldn't stop marveling at the long line of ships waiting to dock at the neighboring Port of Lomé. Fishing boats, swaying on the aforementioned waves, looked like little toys. That was a sight to behold.

The club's spacious restaurant was almost empty, but some patrons were nursing cold ones on the beach. A few yards from my boat, a couple of Caucasian ladies, donning two-piece bikinis, were sunbathing on comfortable lounge chairs. Did I say my boat? Well, it is my favorite spot at the club.

During my stay in the Maritime Region of Togo, I was a regular fixture at Club Marcelo. Located off Rue du Monument, in the affluent Baguida suburb, Marcelo encompasses guest cottages, a bar, a restaurant and wellness facilities. The designer of its accommodation structures was inspired by the traditional Togolese house.

Sandwiched between Ghana and Benin, the coastal strip of Togo spans a distance of about fifty kilometers. From Aflao to Aného, the beach is embellished with palm trees dancing to the tune of the wind. 

As I quenched my thirst, I felt the invigorating effect of the Atlantic breeze. Gazing at the seemingly endless ocean, I listened to its sound and pondered its mysteries.