From the 27th Floor of Hôtel 2 Février

While nursing a drink on the 27th floor of Hôtel 2 Février, I peeped through the window and soaked up the view of the administrative district of Lomé. I saw the Independence Monument, the Congress Palace and the National Museum of Togo surrounded by a cluster of buildings housing different ministries and other public institutions.

Earlier on that memorable day, I visited the museum and learned my host country’s rich heritage. After a tour of the museum, I bought souvenirs at the venue of the Marché International de l’Artisanat du Togo (MIATO). The biggest handcrafts trade fair in Togo was taking place in the premises of the palace mentioned above. 

I spent about an hour hopping from one MIATO stand to another. Then I walked to the aforementioned hotel, across the street. My next move was to sample some cocktails at Oyo Bar. Boasting the best cocktail brewers in Lomé, the highest bar in the country lives up to its "Cocktail Lounge" moniker.

2 Février (February 2) is the only 5-star hotel in Togo. It is frequented by top government officials, diplomats and tycoons. There is always an important person attending a meeting, wining or dining. 

Speaking of important people, the hotel is named February 2 because the former president and the father of the current one, Gnassingbé Eyadéma, survived a plane crash on February 2, 1974. A monument is erected at the site of the crash near Sarakawa.

While in Lomé, Oyo Bar is highly recommended. If you don’t feel like taking a flight to the 27th floor, you can grab a drink at Akwaba Bar or Le Nil Bar. Akwaba is a poolside bar, while the latter is set up at the lobby. There are also two restaurants namely Songhai and Namiélé within the hotel.