25 Sep

I am writing this from Volcanoes Forest Camp in Musanze District. This is where I found refuge after running away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The need to take a break from the fast-paced urban life led to this jungle getaway.

On my way to the camp, I felt like I was running away from something or running to catch something. There was desperation on that ride. Upon arrival, I gasped for some fresh air and breathed a sigh of relief.

The soothing melodies of the birds inhabiting this forest are absolutely sensational. The whistling sound of the gentle wind has a calming effect. This is what I was looking for when I fled the busy streets of the capital. I was craving tranquility and peace of mind — in dire need of serenity and the dawn chorus.

The dawn chorus is a show staged by a choir of talented birds. It usually starts at dawn and lasts a couple of hours. While birds can showcase their singing flair any time of the day, it is the dawn chorus which is more audible and consistent.

Waking up to the dawn chorus is priceless. It is the best alarm clock ever. When I walked out of the door, I was awestruck by gleams of tender morning sun rays filtered by the towering trees. As I sipped some coffee on the verandah, my jungle house felt like a vessel navigating the sea of flora and fauna.

I feel at home in this forest. Home is wherever nature rules supreme. In the words of Mary Davis, "A walk in nature walks the soul back home."