29 Oct

After navigating the Karongi stretch of the Congo Nile Trail, I went to Rwiza Village and spent a night in a grass-thatched wooden cabin. The builder of this nest used wood, grass, stones and other locally sourced materials.

My cozy cabin was perfectly insulated. It felt like sleeping in a wooden version of a deluxe tent. At Rwiza Village, I bonded with Mother Nature without compromising comfort. With this upscale dimension of wilderness getaway, luxury meets simplicity. Less is more.

It was a peaceful night. I slept like a baby. When I woke up early in the morning, I stood on the balcony overlooking the lake. From there, I saw a fleet of fishing boats returning to the shore. The crew had spent a whole night working.

As I marveled at the fishing boats sailing to the shore, a group of women was waiting for them at the dock. The said women were there to buy and deliver fish to the market. This scenery reminded me of the night I tried fishing a couple of years ago. That fishing experience taught me valuable life lessons.

Lake Kivu’s fishermen showed me how to stay motivated even when your efforts aren’t yielding any fruits yet. They also demonstrated the importance of working as a team. Their positive energy is contagious. Their teamwork is exemplary. In addition, these hardworking men instilled the virtue of patience into my life.

After spending a night in a cabin made of locally sourced construction materials, my breakfast was served on clay utensils handcrafted by a cooperative of local women. In addition, everything I consumed was locally grown.