10 Jul

It's a cloudy Monday afternoon here at Kingfisher Resort. I am nursing some coffee from an artistically designed cabana while watching a group of young people from Kigali playing volleyball. After a busy weekend, the youngsters, who work in the hospitality industry, are taking full advantage of their off-day.

Beach volleyball is one of the exciting activities offered by Kingfisher Resort. Nestled on the southwestern tail of Lake Muhazi, the resort's proximity to Kigali and its wide range of activities make it a day-out destination of choice for the residents of the capital of Rwanda.

Participants of this activity derive pleasure from the thrill of playing sports in a beach atmosphere. Volleyball builds teamwork, fosters communication, combats stress, and boosts both physical and mental health. 

As a spectator, I am highly entertained by the game I am watching while sipping my favorite aromatic beverages and soaking up the beauty of Kingfisher Resort. Obviously, those who are indulging in the game, are having more fun.

The sensation of making powerful serves, diving onto the fine sand, and executing strategic plays guarantees a dynamic and energizing experience. The game's fast pace and the close-knit team dynamics create a sense of camaraderie and stirs excitement. Each point scored is a step towards a triumphant ending.