01 Apr

I was wandering up and down the streets of Kigali with a friend from the Arabian Peninsula. Then we stopped by RwandAir’s office, in the building that houses Ubumwe Grande Hotel, on KN 67 Street.

My friend needed to visit another destination in East Africa before flying back to the Middle East. Between weighing his options, asking a ton of questions and purchasing a ticket, I had to wait patiently. Unfortunately, patience is a virtue I am not blessed with.

I got bored after a minute of waiting. In a bid to kill boredom, I picked up a magazine from the coffee table placed right in front of me. The magazine in question is Hamaji. It is a travel publication covering African destinations.

Before the explosion of the internet, I used to read print magazines every day. Holding a copy of Hamaji felt like reuniting with an old friend. It was a touchy reunion. Turning those colorful pages, instead of clicking to open links, rekindled memories of my old reading experiences.

I was in the middle of an interesting story when my friend was done. Sadly, I had to walk away before finishing reading it. Minutes later, while chilling at Bourbon Coffee, I found the unfinished story online. 

As mentioned above, Hamaji is a travel magazine covering Africa exclusively. You can leaf through it online or open one story at a time. Alternatively, you can download every issue from its website.