GoDiscover Africa Edition


This special edition marks the beginning of mutually beneficial partnerships between Exposure Publishers and tour companies. Although the Turning Pages series was launched in September 2023, the book club sessions that led to the previous publications were hosted and sponsored by hotels.  

Turning Pages: GoDiscover Africa Edition is an overview of four book club sessions that took place at the headquarters of GoDiscover Africa in Kigali, Rwanda. The four sessions enabled me to engage in roundtable discussions with a team of professional tour operators working for the aforementioned company.  

GoDiscover Africa offers inbound and outbound tour services in Rwanda, East Africa and Africa as a whole. The company is dedicated to fulfilling its root mandate of delivering unbeatable travel packages in the realms of adventure, mystery, tranquility, excitement and education, while ensuring the safety of its esteemed clients.  

GoDiscover Africa's business portfolio embodies air ticketing, event management, car rental and hotel booking. The company's bookme.rw portal serves as its one-stop booking platform. However, air ticketing services are provided offline. For more information, visit www.godiscoverafrica.rw.


Book: The Akagera Expedition

Venue: GoDiscover Africa Headquarters

Date: February 16, 2024

In our first session, we turned the pages of The Akagera Expedition. The book in question highlights my experiences in Akagera National Park, found in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. It is a first-hand account of what transpired during my adventure-filled day in the wildlife habitat.

For the first time since book club sessions became part of the implementation of our promotional campaigns, I moderated a gathering that involved tour operators exclusively. This was a great opportunity to gather ideas from key players in the industry. Furthermore, their familiarity with Akagera National Park and Rwanda as a destination led to a more enriching exchange.            

Through the power of imagination, we left Kigali and headed to Rwinkwavu Sector, Kayonza District. After a peaceful night at Akagera Transit Lodge, we entered the park and indulged in a thrilling hot air balloon flight. Then we flagged off an epic game drive. On our way to the northern exit, we took a number of deviations and had stopovers on the banks of several lakes. Finally, we reviewed other products and accommodation facilities found in the protected area.  

During the ensuing discussion, the team commended the initiative and suggested ways to make future publications more useful to tourists. After a thorough dissection of our own observations, we saw the need to spare a page for key information about the featured attraction or destination. In addition, we brainstormed ideas on how to strike a balance between the attraction visited and the en route enchantments. Sometimes, the journey happens to be as intriguing as the destination.    

Furthermore, we toyed with the idea of disclosing the budgets of my upcoming trips. Upon further scrutiny of aired views, we concluded that one shoe doesn't fit all. Travel budgets vary depending on modes of transport, choice of accommodation, seasons and cost-sharing arrangements, among other factors.   

My tour of Akagera National Park created memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Good things are meant to be shared, and these recollections are no exception. By circulating this book, I am encouraging readers to visit Rwanda's only Savannah national park and experience the magic that turned me into a storyteller.  

Download a free copy of The Akagera Expedition 


Book: Six Hours in Accra

Venue: GoDiscover Africa Headquarters

Date: February 16, 2024

Our second session featured a book titled Six Hours in Accra. This is a detailed account of my memorable half-day tour in the capital of Ghana. Although each participant had read the book prior to the meeting, I spent the first ten minutes skimming through key ingredients of the story. 

As it was the case during the first session, the participants suggested ways to create more resourceful tools for tourists. Once again, the need to give readers general information about the endorsed destination, before taking them on a tour through the pages, was mentioned. We also revisited the call for sharing credible sources such as websites of relevant tourism boards.

We took a closer look at the Ghanaian historical sites and the country's vibrant culture. As this was happening, I made a mental note to participate in other activities during my next trip. Product diversification is taking shape in this enchanting West African country. There is so much more in store.

As the discussions picked up steam, someone encouraged me to play a bigger role in facilitating networking among tour operators across the continent. It wasn't the first time networking facilitation came up. I had been urged to do this by a Ghanaian tourism consultant before. The importance of networking in business can't be stressed enough.   

Six Hours in Accra is a story of an African tourist exploring another country within the continent. That explains why intra-Africa travel is always discussed in every session the book is used. Once again, I applauded the visa-free policy championed by Rwanda and gave my two cents on what should be done to further stimulate travel in Africa.  

Ghana is a promising market for GoDiscover Africa. Forging partnerships with Ghanaian tour companies or acquiring a representative in Accra will undoubtedly fast-track growth. Plans are underway to make that happen.

Download a free copy of Six Hours In Accra 


Book: Hello Kigali

Venue: GoDiscover Africa Headquarters

Date: February 16, 2024

Hello Kigali differs slightly from the rest of the books in the Exposure Publisher's collection. Whereas other publications used in the project are tailored around specific tours, this one is a compilation of random moments, devoid of strictly followed itineraries. Through the pages of Hello Kigali, a reader catches a glimpse into the social life of a resident of the capital of Rwanda.

The book presents my experiences and observations in museums, recreational parks and hospitality establishments. However, the storyline is shaped by my day-to-day life as a Kigali dweller who takes full advantage of what his city has to offer. 

Again, this session offered a great opportunity to obtain feedback from readers and pick their brains. During the engaging session, I was given tips on navigating the line between public sites and private businesses. Moreover, I was requested to share the locations of the attractions and places featured in my upcoming books. 

Speaking of upcoming books, we spent some time packaging the material that reflects the face of modern Kigali from a tourism perspective. While reaffirming my commitment to creating visibility for the benefit of small businesses, I recognized the need to work on a publication that features all major attractions in the city.  

On a lighter note, one of the participants reserved space for GoDiscover Africa in my next Kigali book. Since I am planning to work on the project in partnership with a tour company, GoDiscover Africa may as well be the one. We will look into that possibility when the time comes.     

This session rekindled my appreciation of the beauty of the city I call home. Most importantly, the focal point of our discussion stimulated my desire to utilize its strategic advantages and help local businesses grow. When local businesses win, we all win.

Download a free copy of Hello Kigali 


Book: Turning Pages: Ecoair Edition

Venue: GoDiscover Africa Headquarters

Date: February 16, 2024

In our last session of the day, we dug into the content of a book titled Turning Pages: Ecoair Edition. This is the first publication in the Turning Pages series. It is an overview of the discussions held at Ecoair Apartment Hotel during the last quarter of 2023.

As usual, I spent a minute endorsing Ecoair Apartment Hotel. In addition, I seized the moment to show the GoDiscover Africa team how their own edition would look like. These books are crafted to promote my partners. Once published, they are added to the Exposure Publishers' collection and distributed through the ongoing campaign.    

The three books we had read earlier are also featured in the Ecoair Edition. While in the process of creating Turning Pages: GoDiscover Africa Edition, we examined the ideas presented by the participants of the sessions hosted by Ecoair Apartment Hotel and put their viewpoints under the microscope. 

At some point, one curious participant wanted to know if the Turning Pages series has a timeline. The answer to that question is no. The series will run for as long as it takes. Is there a better way to cultivate the culture of reading while promoting tourism? I have been posing this question in every session. I guess the book club will remain active until we find a better strategy.

Our last session was shorter than the previous ones because of poor time-keeping or lack thereof. Going forward, I will be appointing a timekeeper before the commencement of each session. Another important adjustment I need to make is to talk less and listen more.

The four sessions hosted and sponsored by GoDiscover Africa were very useful to me and, hopefully, the entire group. We turned not only the pages of the four books, but also our mindsets. I am looking forward to more interactive gatherings.      

Download a free copy of Turning Pages: Ecoair Edition