Dereva Edition

This edition of the Turning Pages series was hosted and sponsored by Dereva Hotel. Found in Rwamagana District, the said hotel is one of the most iconic hospitality establishments in the area.

Dereva Hotel hosts meetings and workshops regularly. These events involve public institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, professional associations and civil societies. 

In addition, the 75-room property is a sojourning place of choice for tourists traveling to the neighboring Akagera National Park. Since Akagera-bound tourists are required to enter the park early in the morning, it is convenient for them to leave for the Eastern Province one day before their scheduled visit to the wildlife habitat.

From Kigali, tourists travel to Rwanda's only Savannah national park via Rwamagana. The strategically located district is also a get way to the neighboring countries of Tanzania and Uganda.  

Plans are underway to publish a travel booklet covering Rwamagana District exclusively. Once released, the proposed publication will be added to the collection of titles used in our book club sessions.   

Turning Pages: Dereva Edition is an overview of four book club sessions that were hosted and sponsored by Dereva Hotel on May 18, 2024. The four sessions featured Nyamasheke Unveiled, The Akagera Expedition, Six Hours in Accra and Turning Pages: Nobleza Edition.      



During the first session, we turned the pages of Nyamasheke Unveiled. This book highlights my unforgettable experiences in Nyamasheke District, found in the Western Province of Rwanda.

Sandwiched between Nyungwe Forest and Lake Kivu, Nyamasheke District is divided into 15 sectors. Eight of those administrative units cover parts of the biggest lake in Rwanda, while the remaining seven stretch deep into Africa's best-kept rainforest.

While in Nyamasheke, I had hands-on tea and coffee experiences. In addition, I indulged in water sporting activities and discovered stunning islands. I also spared some time to visit heritage sites and learn our history. Last but not least, I trekked in Nyungwe National Park and indulged in the thrilling canopy walkway experience.

Back at Dereva Hotel, the participants of the session that featured Nyamasheke Unveiled had never visited Nyamasheke. One page after another, they were astonished by what the district has in store.

At the end of the session, the youngsters were eager to visit Nyamasheke and create their own memories. Their newfound interest in touring other parts of Rwanda led to a new discussion: The state of domestic tourism in Rwanda.

We concluded the session by reaffirming our commitment to embracing our own attractions. Furthermore, we recognized the need to pursue available opportunities and take advantage of the current enabling environment to transform our lives.   



The second session featured The Akagera Expedition. This is one of the most widely distributed book in the Turning Pages initiative. The last time I was in the  area, I donated dozens of its copies to Rwamagana Youth Center's library, courtesy of Falcon Golf & Country Club and Ma Campagne Resort.       

This time around, I perused through the pages with a small group of Rwamagana-based readers. Although none of them had been to Akagera, they all acknowledged the economic impact of the park. Two of them mentioned its trickle-down effects felt in their community. The two participants are employees of Dereva Hotel. As mentioned above, the hotel benefits from its location between Kigali and the park. 

In the book, I share my memorable experiences during my last trip to the park. The two-day tour led to the publication of a story that will keep circulating around the world for a long time.

Like it was the case during the other three sessions, we dissected the content of The Akagera Expedition while relaxing by the swimming pool. Gleams of sunshine on the surface of the pool, coupled with the sound of the water lapping against its edge, created a perfect atmosphere for the consumption and digestion of tourism literature.  

Again, the session aroused the participants' desire to visit the park and have their own experiences. As the discussion picked up steam, we drifted towards the need to develop constructive and informative hobbies like traveling and reading. While moderating the session, I kept reminding the youngsters that I was there to talk less and listen more.  

As usual, I concluded the session by endorsing the sponsors of The Akagera Expedition. The tour that enabled me to write the book wouldn't have been possible without the contributions from Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, Akagera Transit Lodge and Royal Balloon Rwanda. 



After reading and talking about the beauty of Nyamasheke District and Akagera National Park, we unwrapped the parcel containing copies of Six Hours in Accra. As the title suggests, the book is an account of my half-day tour of the city of Accra. 

When we opened the book, the participants were excited to find out what Accra had to offer. The reading part was followed by a myriad of questions. It was at this point when I wished I would have invited at least one Ghanaian tour operator to join us virtually.   

The ensuing discussion revolved around Ghana's independence struggle, the legacy of Kwame Nkrumah and modern Accra as a bustling metropolis. In addition, we looked into the city's beach life, infrastructure, urban trends and the aspirations of young Ghanaian soccer players.

Furthermore, we examined the state of intra-Africa trade and free movement or lack thereof. As a Rwandan, I travel to Ghana visa-free and do business with Ghanaians without restrictions. This is encouraging. The group applauded the two countries' policies and expressed their desire to see the rest of the continent following suit.

I entered Ghana from Togo through Aflao border post, found in Ketu South District. Traveling to the capital by road enabled me to see parts of the Volta Region and its attractions, including the Volta River. 

Plans are underway to return to the West African destination and explore other areas. When this happens, a series of book club sessions will be incorporated into the tour. I am looking forward to turning pages with Ghanaian readers.      



Before calling it a day, we consumed, digested and discussed the content of Turning Pages: Nobleza Edition. This special edition is an overview of four book club sessions that took place at Nobleza Hotel on January 23, 2024.

Nobleza Hotel is nestled on KK 15 Road, only 10 kilometers from Kigali International Airport. With 60 opulent bedrooms, modern conference facilities and luxury amenities, the investment is in line with Rwanda's quest to become the destination of choice for both business and leisure tourists.  

At Nobleza Hotel, we used the following books: Hello Kigali, The Akagera Expedition, Six Hours in Accra and Turning Pages: Rebero Edition. Like it was the case at Dereva Hotel and elsewhere, the four sessions put me in a position to obtain invaluable feedback from readers and pick their brains.

When we read this book at Dereva Hotel, we put the ideas of the Nobleza readers under a microscope. Their viewpoints enriched our perspectives and broadened our horizons.  

At the end of the day, each participant walked away with free books, courtesy of Dereva Hotel. Hopefully, their participation rekindled their love for books and stimulated their quest for knowledge.     

Throughout my journey as a travel writer, I have been working with investors in the tourism sector to showcase what Africa has in store. The Dereva Edition is a continuation of the long-standing mutually beneficial partnerships.