16 Jul

Yesterday, I shared something about the genesis of Rutete Eco Lodge. After the tour of the facility, management offered me an ultimate holiday experience. Unfortunately, time wasn't on my side. I had to leave. Before I walked out of the door, I put a copy of The Akagera Expedition on the lodge's bookshelf. 

The Akagera Expedition highlights my experiences in the Akagera National Park. In partnership with different stakeholders, I am donating copies of this publication to community libraries wherever I go. 

I am also giving away copies of the following books: Memories, Six Hours in Accra, Hello Kigali, Tour of Nyamasheke, In the Maritime Region of Togo and Empowered Women. My coverage of Africa is expanding, and so is the collection of books.

Community libraries are not the only beneficiaries of this initiative. Hotels, coffee shops, individuals and tourist information offices are also at the receiving end.  

Located near the entrance of the Akagera National Park, Rutete Eco Lodge offers a convenient accommodation option for tourists before and after visiting the park. Outside the home of the Big Five, guests indulge in a wide range of activities. From cultural experiences to community-based excursions and agro-tourism to adventure tourism, Rwinkwavu has a lot to offer.    

Before I log off, I would like to express my gratitude to RichTech Printing House for enabling me to place a copy of The Akagera Expedition on the shelf of Rutete Eco-Lodge. Until next time, bye bye Kayonza. The next time I post something on this section, I will be in Gatsibo District. Keep traveling with me.