10 Jul

When I left Kirehe, I rode towards Ngoma. At some point, I branched off from the highway and deviated to what I thought was an off-road trail connecting Rukira and Nasho. Unbeknownst to me, the off-the-beaten path had been tarmacked.

It wasn't the first time I ditched the tarmac in pursuit of dust, only to end up on another tarmac. Why would someone prefer rough, dirt trails? If you are not an adventure rider, you probably won't understand the answer to that question. 

I finally got the experience I was looking for between Nasho and Rwinkwavu. On this stretch, I navigated rugged mountain terrains and crossed lush forests. The power of the two-wheeled machine, coupled with the skills of its operator, created a symphony of speed, control and pure adrenaline.        

By the time I made it to Akagera Transit Lodge, I was as dirty as a wallowing warthog. I showed up at the reception wearing my filthy gear like a badge of honor, a statement to the completion of an adventure-filled day. 

Speaking of the day, I had stopovers at different attractions, including Lake Chambwe and Mount Nyamulindira. In addition, I learned one or two things about the transformation of irrigation farming. Visiting Nasho Sector is highly recommended. 

After a thorough warm shower, I had dinner and slept like a baby. My experiences in Kayonza District will be shared right here. Stay tuned.