03 Jul

This is my last day in Rwamagana District. Before I leave for Bugesera, allow me to share my experiences and observation while sojourning at Ma Campagne Resort. My accommodation facility of choice in Rwamagana District is nestled on the shore of Lake Muhazi.

With access to the swimming pool, gym and spa — not to mention a luxury boat and a variety of aquatic vessels — I felt like a kid in a candy store. In other words, I was spoiled for choice.

Cruising around the lake aboard the resort’s posh watercraft combines the amusement of sailing with the opulence of first class amenities. It is also the best way to soak up the beauty of the lake and the picturesque landscapes surrounding it.

If you have been reading my chronicles for a while, you must be aware of my obsession with kayaking. A kayak is a canoe-like light boat propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Most kayaks have enclosed decks, but inflatable ones are gradually capturing a significant market share.

Since kayaking improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthens different parts of the body, I didn’t use the gym. I can go to the gym any day while in the city, but kayaking opportunities are rare.

When I sat on the saddle of the jet ski and pressed the ignition button, I felt a sudden surge of adrenaline. What followed was an exhilarating ride on the shuffled waves. The sound of the explosive engine, the thrill of lift-off and the nerve-raking U-turns made this experience nothing short of spectacular.

Jet Ski is a brand name of a Personal Water Craft (PWC) manufactured by Kawasaki. The popularity of this brand has made its name synonymous with all types of PWC. Just like we tend to refer to any toothpaste as Colgate and any shoe polish product as Kiwi, all PWCs are imprecisely called Jet Skis.

Lake Muhazi’s proximity to Kigali and its international airport makes it easy for Kigali residents and tourists alike to escape to Ma Campagne Resort. From executive rooms to three-bedroom family units, the water front resort offers an ultimate getaway for individuals, couples, colleagues, social groups and families.