02 Jul

Rwamagana was my first sub destination out of the City of Kigali. It is in this Eastern Province district where I celebrated my birthday. I did so playing golf for the first time in my life. My first-ever golfing experience took place at Falcon Golf and Country Club, on the shore of Lake Muhazi. 

The 9-hole course is found in Gishari Sector. I had been there several times before without attempting a single shot. During one of my previous visits, I followed the action keenly. 

I saw experienced golfers swinging their clubs, walking, putting and communicating in the language I barely understood. The more I observed, the more intrigued I got. It was at this point when I picked up interest in the sport.

This time around, my Introduction to Golf 101 class went well. Under a watchful eye of my coach, I worked on the fundamentals of the game. In addition, I learned basic golf terminologies. From the look of things, this experiment is likely to culminate in a membership.

Maybe I need a new sport. Every birthday is a reminder that my basketball playing days are numbered. When I finally hang up my sneakers for good, I will definitely consider a second act on the manicured grass.

After a memorable birthday weekend in Rwamagana, I proceed to Bugesera. Before I left, I donated books to Rwamagana YEGO (Youth Empowerment for Global Opportunity) Center, courtesy of Falcon Golf and Ma Campagne Resort.