16 Aug

While in Ngororero, I stayed at KVETNA Hotel. Before departure, I gave the receptionist who checked me out a special tip. The tip in question was a copy of a book titled Six Hours in Accra. It is a highlight of my unforgettable half-day tour in the capital of Ghana.

The beneficiary of this tip, Gisele Uwingeneye, found my ongoing 30 Districts Expedition quite fascinating. She used the word fascinating instead of crazy because she wanted to sound polite.

When I shifted her attention to the tour of Accra, she asked a myriad of questions about the city and Ghana as a destination. Our conversation revolved around the people, the culture, the food and the business landscape. 

Although she admitted not being an avid reader, I made her read one page. The randomly selected page was inked with an anecdote of my ride from Makola Market to the Black Star Square. You can read more about the tour in the "Six Hours in Accra" section.

Back to my current tour, I am donating books to community libraries around the country. I am also forming book clubs and giving away copies to reading enthusiasts. In addition, I am putting more copies on coffee tables and bookshelves in hotels and other hospitality establishments.  

When I was done with Ngororero, I went to Nyabihu District. My next few posts will disclose what transpired during my stay in the latter. Stay tuned.