18 Aug

The plan was to spend a night in Nyabihu and proceed to Rubavu in the morning of the following day. However, I was derailed by the allure of Lake Kivu. Being thirty minutes away, I couldn't resist the temptation to hit the road.

Don't get me wrong. I love Nyabihu. Who doesn't? However, I would rather be in Rubavu on Friday night. Besides, my Kigali-based friends had escaped to the latter. After traveling solo for more than a month, the social animal in me needed company.

Although I didn't use my room at Volcano Gate Motel, this tour's publication will feature my favorite accommodation facility in Nyabihu. Before departure, I inspected the entire property, took pictures and gathered all the information I needed.

After bidding goodbye to the good people of Nyabihu, I spun my wheels to the northern flank of Lake Kivu. Upon arrival, I dropped by Saga Bay Restaurant and joined the aforementioned friends on one of those decks set up on top of the lake. After dinner, I hung out with them for about an hour. Then I went to Nyamyumba Beach and checked into Galaxy Kivu Hotel. I would have stayed longer, but the grind of the long expedition was taking a toll on my body.  

During the first few weeks of this grand tour of Rwanda, my itinerary involved spending two nights in every district. Then my platform was stolen by a malicious hacker. After a three-week hiatus, I picked up where I left off. When the tour resumed, I started moving faster in order to reach the finishing line within the timeframe engraved on a stone tablet. 

I showed up in Rubavu earlier than I was supposed to. Then I stayed even longer than the initial two-nights-per-district plan. While dining on the deck hanging above the surface of the lake, I was told by fellow domestic tourists that what happens in Rubavu stays in Rubavu. Unfortunately, I am about to break this rule. What happens wherever I go, is put on the internet for public consumption. Stay tuned.