20 Aug

Cultivating the culture of reading is one of the objectives of my tours. As I travel, I give away books to members of my host communities and attend their book club sessions. This is my way of giving back to the communities and forging strong bonds with the people.

Reading enables us to explore new places through the power of imagination. Moreover, this practice introduces us to new ideas and perspectives. Books are powerful tools that give us insights into different cultures and enable us to expand our horizons.

Through reading, we ponder new concepts and gather important information. Driven by curiosity and desire for continuous learning, we turn pages and nurture intellectual growth. 

While in Rubavu, I indulged in my favorite water sports and hiked Rubona Hill. Before departure, I visited a village known as Mahoko Kivoka in Nyakiliba Sector. During my brief stay in the said village, I donated books and moderated an interactive reading session.

This was a dynamic and engaging reading experience. During the session, participants asked questions, discussed ideas and connected the content to their own experiences in places they had visited before. The session was designed to aid comprehension and stimulate critical thinking. 

The group comprised a teacher and a handful of young school dropouts. The youngsters are still trying to figure out what their next move would be. At the end of the session, we looked into the opportunities surrounding them and the need to develop appropriate skill sets.