03 Jul

On this 15th day of my journey of exploration across all 30 districts of Rwanda, I am headed to Ngoma through the Akagera River and Lake Sake. Along the way, I will bypass several lakes, including Kilimbi, Gaharwa, Birara and Mugesera.

I am writing this from Lake Mirayi. Before I got here, I spun my spokes around lakes Gashora, Kidogo and Rumira. Let me stop here before I make you dizzy. All you need to know is that this land of lakes is an explorer’s paradise.

After a peaceful night at Bugesera Lake Hotel, I am catching up with writing, editing, designing and behind-the-scenes work. My remote office is a nest hanging on a tree. Working from this spot stimulates creativity and boosts productivity.

As expected, Bugesera hasn't disappointed. While in this Eastern Province district, I encountered young people pursuing opportunities in agribusiness. The future of this industry in Africa is promising.

In partnership with RichTech Printing House, I am scheduled to donate books to Bugesera Youth Center’s library before I hit the road. I will share more details about this donation and give RichTech folks their flowers after delivering the donations.

I am excited about today’s off-road ride to Ngoma. This route is as intriguing as the destination. What transpires en route to the next district will be shared right here. Stay tuned.