Cultivating the Culture of Reading

Over the past seven years, I have been exploring different parts of Rwanda and other destinations in Africa while documenting my travel experiences, observations and encounters. So far, I have published more than a dozen booklets. The said publications are crafted to showcase the beauty of Africa and endorse a wide range of businesses.

My books are used in the implementation of a campaign dubbed Turning Pages. The campaign in question is a series of book club sessions staged to cultivate the culture of reading and stimulate travel enthusiasm. In addition, the initiative provides impactful visibility for the benefit of local businesses. 

In partnership with different stakeholders, I host regular book club sessions. The engaging sessions bring together business leaders, tour operators, government officials, investors, tourists, entrepreneurs and students, among others. Each meet-up commences with a brief preview of the featured book, followed by roundtable discussions that stir broader viewpoints. Books are distributed free of charge, courtesy of Exposure Publishers and its generous partners.    

Turning Pages is building a community of readers who appreciate the beauty of Africa. In addition, the distributed materials arouse their thirst for exploration.    

Book clubs serve as invaluable pillars of intellectual and social enrichment. As members share their thoughts and insights, they engage in critical thinking and in-depth analysis. Furthermore, they forge strong social bonds. 

So far, I have organized more than seventy book club sessions in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Togo and Ghana. In this section, I share overviews of our discussions in the ongoing Turning Pages series.