Nobleza Edition

Turning Pages: Nobleza Edition is an overview of four book club sessions that took place at Nobleza Hotel on January 23, 2024. The four gatherings brought together students, young entrepreneurs and service providers in the hospitality industry.

The Turning Pages series is part of the implementation of a broader campaign designed to pump some air into the deflating culture of reading. In addition, the initiative showcases the beauty of Africa while endorsing a wide range of local businesses. 

Africa boasts enormous potential in both natural and human resources. Whilst our discussions are centered around the attractions and the activities featured in the books we read, we always take a step further and examine what the covered destinations have in store.

At Nobleza Hotel, we turned the pages of The Akagera Expedition, Six Hours in Accra, Hello Kigali and Turning Pages: Rebero Edition. The four engaging sessions put me in a position to obtain invaluable feedback from readers and pick their brainsAs usual, the discussions brewed broader viewpoints. In the end, every participant left Nobleza with a clearer vision and renewed enthusiasm in the pursuit of the opportunities that surround us. 

In partnership with different stakeholders, Exposure Publishers organizes regular book club sessions in Rwanda and other African destinations. Throughout my journey as a travel writer, I have relied heavily on the facilitation offered by hospitality establishments. The Nobleza Edition is a continuation of the mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Nobleza Hotel is nestled on KK 15 Road, only 10 kilometers from the Kigali International Airport. With 60 opulent bedrooms, modern conference facilities and luxury amenities, the investment is in line with Rwanda's quest to become the destination of choice for both business and leisure tourists.     


Book: The Akagera Expedition

Venue: Nobleza Hotel

Date: January 23, 2024

We kicked off the Nobleza Edition by turning the pages of The Akagera Expedition. The book contains a detailed account of what transpired during my last tour of the Akagera National Park. The storyline is shaped by my experiences as a tourist on the ground. However, at some point, our discussion touched other topics beyond the realms of tourism.

Before we delved into the content of the featured book, I spent a minute acknowledging the sponsors of the unforgettable tour. The said sponsors are Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, Akagera Transit Lodge and Royal Balloon Rwanda. The making of The Akagera Expedition wouldn't have been possible without the three stakeholders.     

The roundtable discussion brought together a handful of young Rwandans living in Kigali. None of them had ever been to the Akagera National Park, and a couple of them hadn't opened any books since the completion of their formal education. 

The book left the youngsters in awe of the beauty of Rwanda's only Savannah national park. Having ascertained the magic behind our attractions, we drifted into the economic side of the equation and brainstormed ideas on how to utilize the resources we are blessed with.

As we travel around this beautiful destination, we see beauty. Behind that breathtaking beauty are endless opportunities. Do you see what I see? I see money. The pages of empowerment we turned at Nobleza Hotel opened our eyes.           


Book: Six Hours in Accra

Venue: Nobleza Hotel

Date: January 23, 2024

Our second session featured a book titled Six Hours in Accra. The said book is a leisurely presentation of my unforgettable half-day tour of the capital of Ghana. As usual, before we turned the first page, I spared a minute to acknowledge the sponsor of this tour: Ecoair Apartment Hotel. 

While expounding on the narration, we spent most of the time talking about the events leading up to Ghana's independence in 1957. That's because the major attractions I visited in Accra are linked to the country's successful campaign to end colonial rule and the ensuing momentum in decolonization efforts across the continent. 

We traced the genesis of the spark that stimulated Africa's quest for freedom and examined the legacies of Africa's freedom fighters and theoreticians. Since Ghana was the focal point of our discussion, the name Kwame Nkrumah came up quite often.

When we were done with the historical part of the discussion, we turned to the map and located the featured destination. This was done in response to the question posed by one participant, who wanted to know in which region Ghana is found.

Furthermore, we took a closer look at modern Accra. The bustling metropolis is one of my favorite cities in West Africa. Although my time in Accra was limited, I captured the spirit of the city and liked the vibe of its inhabitants. Most importantly, I felt at home.    


Book: Turning Pages: Rebero Edition

Venue: Nobleza Hotel

Date: January 23, 2024

The Rebero Edition is the 3rd publication in the Turning Pages series. It is an overview of four book club sessions that took place at Rebero Resort during the last quarter of 2023. While the books used in the making of this special edition are based on my travel experiences, its content is enriched with input from readers. 

The sessions that led to the publication of the Rebero Edition were 100% virtual. Although the four meetings lacked the warmth of physical gatherings, going virtual enabled me to involve readers from other countries. Moreover, the experiment added a new title to the Exposure Publishers' collection.     

At Rebero Resort, we read The Akagera Expedition, Six Hours in Accra, Nyamasheke Unveiled and Turning Pages: El Vista Edition. Each session was preceded by a virtual tour of the venue and an introduction crafted to endorse the resort.

Back at Nobleza Hotel, one of the participants of the session that featured the Rebero Edition happened to be an employee of Rebero Resort. His presence gave us access to a credible source of information about the business that is positioned as the face of the publication. 

As the 3rd session of the Nobleza Edition picked up steam, we engaged in an in-depth analysis of the material's underlying themes and learned from those who were involved. Being the author of the books used in the project, I was eager to see how readers digest my work and weigh the impact of the entire campaign.    


Book: Hello Kigali

Venue: Nobleza Hotel

Date: January 23, 2024

During the last session, we turned the pages of a book titled Hello Kigali. The said publication is a collection of memorable moments in the capital of Rwanda. Although the participants of this session live in Kigali, they were not aware of the existence of some of the endorsed recreational facilities. 

Like in any other rapidly growing cosmopolitan city, there is always a new place to visit, something new to see and new activities to partake in. When it comes to leisure, both domestic and foreign tourists are spoiled for choice. 

Speaking of domestic tourists, we affirmed our commitment to keep roaming the streets of our city with a sense of discovery. As travel enthusiasts, we are driven by the desire to explore the world, discover new places and immerse ourselves in unfamiliar cultures. While satisfying this wanderlust, we can't overlook the beauty of the place we call home.  

The importance of supporting local businesses can't be stressed enough. Purchasing a painting from an art gallery found in your own neighborhood can go a long way in providing a stepping stone for the artist behind it. Similarly, changing your wardrobe in favor of locally made outfits has a trickle-down effect in the economy. I can go on and on penning down examples that clarify the point I am trying to make. The bottom line is, embracing what is truly ours is an empowering trend that should be encouraged.     

At Nobleza Hotel, we turned not only the pages of the aforementioned books, but also our mindsets. At the end of the day, we walked out of the gate with a newfound appreciation of what Africa has to offer.