15 Aug

Ikaze Rwanda Akagera Expedition is a campaign designed to promote the Akagera National Park and cultivate the culture of reading. Through different platforms, the twelve-part series has so far attracted tens of thousands of readers from all over the globe.

Content created during the tour has been repackaged to publish a book. The said publication is currently being distributed through my tours' community outreach program.  


This memorable tour is dubbed Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition, following the acquisition of naming rights by a company namely Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel. Apart from the title sponsor, Akagera Transit Lodge is also on board as a banner sponsor.

I am also grateful to Royal Balloon Rwanda for offering me a free flight, followed by an unforgettable landing ceremony and bush breakfast. My hot air balloon experience, above Rwanda's only Savannah national park, was probably one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. 

Touring the Akagera National Park is like reading a book. You can turn one page after another and soak up knowledge from chapter to chapter. My experiences in the home of the Big Five can be summed up as a highly entertaining and deeply informative celebration of nature’s beauty.