07 Mar

When Gorilla's Coffee unveiled its natural instant product, my dream came true. As a budget traveler who spends a great deal of time in remote areas, I did not always have access to coffee makers, let alone well-equipped coffee outlets. As a result, opportunities to savor high quality coffee barely came my way.

Ever since the aforementioned product hit the shelves of the supermarkets around the land of 1,000 cups, I have been a regular consumer. Whether working from home or camping on the steep slopes of the towering volcanoes, brewing coffee that meets my lofty quality standards is now easier than ever before.

I once found myself in trouble with the authorized dealer of a foreign coffee brand I referred to as garbage. My negative review of the product in question was triggered by my disappointment to find organic instant coffee. Albeit harsh, my description of that lifeless concoction was honest. 

Years down the line, I am writing something about instant coffee again. This time around, I am not punching my keyboard with negative energy. Instead, my spirits are uplifted. Times have truly changed. 

Gorilla's Coffee is produced by Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company (RFCC). Established in 2009, the company's roasted beans have captured a significant market share in Rwanda. Today, its instant variant is the only made-in-Rwanda powder coffee.

In this brand new segment, I will be dissecting a wide range of products, starting with the items I use on a daily basis. I would not be replenishing them constantly if they were not the best I can purchase at competitive prices.