30 Mar

Before the pandemic led to the temporary suspension of tourism, I returned to Karongi one more time. This time, I invited a few friends and family members. As a group, we toured Lake Kivu aboard a luxury vessel known as Iliza Houseboat. 

While bypassing Amahoro Island, which happens to be my favorite picnic site, I saw a boat dropping a small group of domestic tourists. When we approached Monkey Island, I took a closer look, hoping to see my foes-turned-friends. I am talking about the little monkeys I once had a complicated relationship with. What happened between us is a story for another day.

The fishermen, plying their craft in this part of the country, caught my attention once again. The sight of these hardworking men propelling their boats while singing motivational songs was nothing short of spectacular. Singing boosts their morale and enhances their chemistry. 

On our way back to the dock, I saw them doing what they do best: Waiting patiently for their traps to catch something. Their fishing method is intriguing. After stretching their nets underneath three boats, they set up lit lanterns. The light is used to attract fish, which blindly fall prey to the trick all the time. 

When darkness enveloped the sky, we left the deck and climbed down. Then we had dinner in the dining room before heading to our bedrooms. Yes, there is a dining room and bedrooms inside Iliza Houseboat. Obviously, there is a kitchen and bathrooms. Iliza is a house. A pretty lavish one.