29 Nov

I had spent a whole day touring different parts of Kayonza District. In the evening, I dropped by Jambo Beach and treated myself to the tilapia fillet specialty this joint is known for. After the meal, I grabbed a drink and interacted with a couple of patrons doing business in the Eastern Province.

My plan was to return to Kigali on the same day. The Jambo Beach stopover was supposed to be brief, but one thing led to another. I finally made the decision to spend a night there. This place has a way of tempting visitors to stay longer and spend more.

Jambo Beach doesn’t offer on-site accommodation services. No rooms, no problem. I pitched my own tent (literary) and slept in it. When I unzipped it in the morning, the view of the lake and the backdrop of rolling hills took my breath away.

After breakfast, I jumped on a boat and cruised in the vicinity. As I did so, I saw a flock of ducks gliding effortlessly on the surface of the lake. From the distance, they looked like little toys being pushed by the gentle wind.

When I returned to Jambo, I sat down in the garden and soaked up the beauty of the environs. Different species of birds, some of which I had never seen before, were minding their own business around me. One particular bird caught my attention. This creature has an orange beak, a black crown and green feathers.

On my way back to Kigali, I reminisced about my unscripted camping experience and an encounter with a strange, colorful bird. Just when I thought I had seen it all, I saw a clown bird in a Halloween costume.