18 Mar

Initially, the plan was to ride to Kingfisher Resort via Bumbogo and Gikomero. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on the Rwamagana side of the lake. After an exhilarating biking experience along the Muhazi trail, I dropped by Realm Beach Resort for a much-needed dose of caffeine.

Normally, Kingfisher Resort-bound revelers drive to the lake through the Kigali - Gatuna highway. This time around, I wanted to use the off-the-beaten path in pursuit of off-road explorations. Along the way, I had a stopover at the royal court of Bumbogo and learned something about the reign of King Kigeli IV Rwabugiri.    

Realm Beach Resort is found in Fumbwe Sector, Rwamagana District. Apart from accommodation, the facility offers a wide range of recreational activities such as soccer, beach volleyball, kayaking, camping and boating. The serene lakeside sanctuary is also an attractive agro-tourism site.   

During my coffee break at Realm Beach Resort, I savored my favorite aromatic beverages in a floating cabana while moderating a book club session. The impromptu session was part of the implementation of the Turning Pages initiative, designed to cultivate the culture of reading while promoting tourism and building brands.     

After the session, I rode back to Kigali via the popular Nyagasambu Market. Buying foodstuff in this market saved me money and enabled me to interact with members of the local community. 

The beauty of Lake Muhazi and its environs is attracting investors in the tourism industry. New recreational facilities are sprouting up around the lake. This attraction's proximity to Kigali makes it easy for us to escape from the bustle and hustle of the city every weekend.