26 Jan

Today's Coffee Break is taking place late in the evening. I usually don't consume coffee this late because the last thing I need is a sleepless night. Tonight is different because I have a driving gig -- a night shift of sorts. Since I need to be sober and alert until the wee hours of the morning, I have decided to have another doze of caffeine.

The venue of this uncharacteristic coffee break is Plus 250 Bar & Restaurant. I am writing this while nursing the magic potion that lifts my spirits and puts me in the mood to get things done, even if postponing sleep is what it takes. 

I am occupying a secluded table on the lower end of the splendid garden. Elsewhere in the facility, the atmosphere is jovial. It's Saturday night, and revelers are rewarding themselves after yet another busy week. As more and more patrons are flocking their favorite joint, the service team is getting busier delivering food and drinks to the tables scattered around the spacious property.  

As I travel around the country coded +250, I take frequent coffee breaks. It is during these pauses when my chronicles are written. In this section, I share my experiences, observation and encounters in different coffee bars and other hospitality establishments around the continent. 

My coffee breaks have given birth to the monthly Coffee Break Magazine. Apart from promoting African coffee, the magazine endorses a wide variety of brands beyond the coffee sub-sector. On top of that, it celebrates the beauty of Africa and its vibrant communities. 

From the fast-paced rhythm of the grab-and-go outlets in bustling cities to the serenity of lakeside resorts, coffee serves me well. It is therefore befitting to use this platform to give the iconic product visibility and push its mileage in the market.