28 Jan

I am writing this piece from Monaco Cafe, nestled on the first floor of a commercial building known as T 2000. The dimly lit tavern is a peaceful oasis in the midst of the bustling commercial streets of Kigali.

Earlier today, I took a leisurely stroll along the Imbuga Walk. I was amazed by the transformation of the car-free street into a splendid hangout garden. Before I left the walkway, I spared a minute to buy a gift from one of its artistically designed curio shops. The beneficiary of the gift in question is a hotel that will host our next book club session.

Speaking of book club sessions, I am considering bringing Monaco Cafe on board as a host of one of my upcoming series of literary gatherings. In partnership with different stakeholders, I am conducting regular book club sessions around Africa. Through the Turning Pages initiative, we have staged almost 100 sessions in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Togo and Ghana.   

It has been a while since I visited this part of Kigali. Gone are the days when I had to come to the city center every day. Since I can finally work remotely and access services from all corners of the country, I found it befitting to play my role in decongesting the CBD.  

Once again, I am nursing some cappuccino. This flavor is a concoction of espresso and steamed milk. Its creamy texture and tantalizing aroma delights the senses of numerous coffee enthusiasts around the world, myself included. 

Apart from the magic potion that kick-starts every day of my life, Monaco Cafe offers full-course meals and alcoholic beverages. In addition, the establishment has an indoor adventure park for kids. Most importantly, the set-up of Monaco Cafe is family-friendly.