05 Dec

Today’s coffee break was supposed to take place on the rooftop of one of those buildings that make Kigali’s skyline as imposing as it is. After riding an elevator to the top floor, I climbed a short staircase and took a couple of turns before finding the café.

Some customers were leaving in a hurry after grabbing their coffee. Tables were occupied by racially diverse patrons busy punching the keyboards of their laptops. Others seemed to be in virtual meetings with folks from the other side of the ocean.

That was not the atmosphere I was looking for. I preferred a more relaxed vibe. In pursuit of sunshine, fresh air, singing birds and tranquility, I left downtown Kigali and headed to Kanyinya Hill.

I am writing this piece from Amakuza Resort in Kanyinya Sector, Nyarugenge District. Before I sat down, my host gave me a tour of the serene resort. During the tour, I was shown all the rooms, the restaurant, the garden and the basketball court.

Speaking of the basketball court, I am planning to come back with my hoops buddies for a weekend scrimmage. Meanwhile, let me do some blogging in the garden while soaking up the beauty of green plants.

Amakuza Resort offers easy weekend getaway plans for Kigali dwellers. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the resort is ideal for every nature enthusiast. If you live in Kigali, you won’t burn a lot of fuel to get here. The resort is located ten kilometers from Nyabugogo.