08 Nov

The aroma of fresh coffee is in the air. The ceiling board is embellished with a touch of tradition. Framed images of coffee growers, farms and washing stations are hanging on the walls.

Speaking of the walls, one of them is a step-by-step illustration of coffee processing. You can learn a lot about coffee and its transformation from crop to cup right here.

While visiting different parts of Rwanda, I do take frequent coffee breaks. These pauses enable me to slow down and digest my observations. It is also during these caffeine-infused stopovers when I write my chronicles.

Today’s coffee break venue is Le Rituel Café, found in the affluent Kiyovu neighborhood, within the district of Nyarugenge. Rituel is a French word which means ritual. Coincidentally, I am here to observe my long-standing ritual: the consumption of coffee.

Le Rituel’s coffee is grown in the Western Province of Rwanda by Kinunu Wonders Ltd. The holding company trades roasted coffee under its Boneza Coffee brand. Having forged partnerships with leading retailers in East Africa, Kinunu Wonders distributes coffee all over the region. Plans are underway to explore bigger markets.

Le Rituel’s clientele comprises employees of the surrounding organizations and tourists hailing from all corners of the world. Also in the mix are digital nomads and freelance workaholics in need of a serene working environment and stable internet connection.