05 Feb

From downtown Rubavu, I spun my wheels through the evergreen hills of Nyabihu, en route to Musanze. After a late lunch, at the foot of the volcanoes, I hit the road again. My destination is Kigali. However, before I tune in an audiobook that would feed my mind throughout the 2-hour ride, I need to grab a cup of coffee.

Today's Coffee Break host is La Roca Coffee, nestled on the bank of Mukungwa River. The river flows from the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo to Nyabarongo river. However, its source can be traced to Rugezi swamps near the border with Uganda. 

La Roca Coffee is a coffee outlet set up on the Musanze - Kigali highway. Although I traverse the said highway quite often, I rarely stop by. There are a number of factors behind my tendency to overlook the joint, including proximity to the destination or point of departure. However, if all I need is coffee, I would rather buy it here than seek the services of busy baristas in crowded restaurants.    

Roadside coffee shops are convenient for travelers. Apart from providing spaces for much-needed pauses, they also offer refreshments, snacks and access to bathrooms. In addition, these businesses enable tourists to interact with members of the host communities and inject some cash into the local economies.

La Roca and other cafés also provide remote working spaces for me. In most cases, it is in these establishments where my travel chronicles are written. Case in point, I haven't had access to any other desk since I left Kigali about a week ago.

Speaking of Kigali, I still have a long way to twist the throttle before I get there. The good news is that I am rejuvenated, thanks to the dose of caffeine administered during this stopover. I am looking forward to the exhilarating last leg of the adventurous escapade.