25 Jan

Today's Coffee Break venue is Igitego Boutique Hotel in Kicukiro District, within the city of Kigali. I am here to get my daily dose of caffeine administered. The product I am sampling to kick-start my weekend is Gorilla's Coffee, produced by Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company. Gorilla's Coffee is 100 percent natural, hand-picked, hand-sorted and sun-dried.

Although I am familiar with other properties run by Igitego group of hotels, it's my first time here. After a quick tour of the facility, I can confidently say this is my favorite hotel operating under the Igitego brand. Highly recommended for those who prefer serenity without compromising proximity to every thing Kigali has to offer.        

Speaking of serenity, I might have found the venue of next week's book club sessions. I am already talking to management about the possibility of featuring Igitego Hotel in the Turning Pages series. 

If you are new to this platform, Turning Pages is a literary campaign designed to cultivate the culture of reading while promoting tourism and providing visibility to local businesses. The campaign is implemented through staging book club sessions involving travel enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.       

As mentioned above, it is a beautiful sunny day. I am tempted to indulge in an adventure ride to one of those lakes adorning the beauty of the neighboring Bugesera District. Unfortunately, I have to work on pending publications. 

The good news is, Igitego Boutique Hotel offers a great working environment for its esteemed guests. Having consumed stimulating coffee from Rwandan farmers, the workaholic in me is fully activated.