07 Jun

While touring different destinations in Africa, I do have regular coffee breaks. Apart from savoring my favorite aromatic beverages, I spend these pauses reading, writing, and interacting with members of the host communities.    

My latest coffee break took place at Gisa's Coffee in Bugesera District, within the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Although Bugesera is outside the boundaries of the City of Kigali, its proximity to the capital is attracting numerous real estate developers. The district is at the heart of the sprouting low-density settlements forming a radius around Kigali.

Set up on the busy NR5, Gisa's Coffee is strategically located. The highway connects Kigali to the southeastern part of Rwanda and the neighboring countries of Burundi and Tanzania. Upon its completion, the Bugesera - Ngoma road will increase traffic significantly. The said road spans from Ramiro Junction to Ngoma through Akagera River, and bypasses a number of lakes, including Gashora, Kidogo, Mirayi, Rumira, Mugesera, and Sake. 

Furthermore, the construction of the Bugesera International Airport is at an advanced stage. Set to be completed in 2026, the new airport will be capable of handling 8 million passengers annually. The subsequent phase will improve its capacity to 14 million passengers per year. 

In nature-based tourism, Bugesera has a lot of potential. When I embarked on an expedition designed to explore the Nile's tributaries, I discovered a network of rivers and a cluster of lakes within the administrative area. 

The confluence of Nyabarongo River and Akanyaru River, in Ntarama Sector, is an intriguing location. The merger of the two rivers gives birth to Akagera River. From Ntarama Valley, Akagera flows to Lake Rweru before joining forces with Ruvubu River to mark the genesis of Kagera River. Kagera in turn, empties into Lake Victoria. 

The allure of these water bodies, coupled with their fascinating mysteries, has turned me into a frequent visitor to this land of lakes. As I traverse the aforementioned highway, stopovers at Gisa's Coffee are becoming the norm.