22 Jan

From the terrace, I soaked up the view and reminisced about my previous Lake Kivu expeditions. Camping on Amahoro Island, hiking on Nyamunini Island, kayaking to Nyenyeri Island and throwing a rooftop party aboard Iliza Houseboat are some of my most memorable escapades off the shore of Karongi.

From my vantage point, I saw a boat docking on Amahoro Island. The three-hectare piece of land is covered by a variety of riparian trees. This tropical paradise is ideal for picnics and camping. However, camping can only be done with permission from the authorities.

The table next to mine was occupied by a small group of foreign tourists and one young Rwandan lady who served as the tour guide. Excitement was in the air when she announced that it was time to leave for the aforementioned islands.

After gulping my last shot of espresso, I spared a minute to visit the website of the hotel I was visiting for the first time. The King Suite had just dropped from 750 to 350 dollars a night. Despite this significant reduction, it was still the most expensive room in Karongi.

Non-residents are required to make a deposit of USD 25 in order to access the bar and restaurant area, including the terrace on which my coffee break took place. Although not refundable, this amount is redeemable through consumption.