27 Jan

Today's Coffee Break piece is written from Chemchem Restaurant. Cradled on the premises of Mlimani Garden, in the affluent Rebero neighborhood, Chemchem offers the ultimate dining experiences for the culturally diverse residents of Kigali.

The past five years have seen a massive transformation of Rebero area. Gone are the days when we needed safari cars to drive around the hill. When posh properties started sprouting up, modern infrastructure followed suit.

The interior of Chemchem Restaurant is adorned with soft, ambient lighting. Its design casts a warm and welcoming glow. In addition, the music played here is quite soothing. I feel like staying longer, but I have one more thing to do this evening: Exercising.

Once again, I am violating my 'coffee-free evenings' rule. After sitting down all day, I need to run on one of those clean roadside walkways this city is known for. Something stimulating is what I need before lacing up my running shoes. Why not coffee?

Coffee is a popular elixir that turns groggy days into productive ones. The magic potion awakens our senses, sharpens our minds and invigorates our psyches. Each sip dissipates fatigue and boosts energy. 

After downing a cup of cappuccino, I walk out of the door. As the caffeine kicks in, I flag off a 3-km run under the bright lights of the streets of Rebero. One step after another, I burn some calories while soaking up the beauty of the ritzy suburb.