04 Jun

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Kigali, Rwanda. After strolling along the magnificent Imbuga Walk, I popped into Bloomin Café and grabbed a cup of cappuccino.  

Bloomin Café is a tiny outlet with limited space for customers who need to sit down. The good news is that there are outdoor benches all over the car-free walkway. My plan was to occupy one of the benches, but the bookshelf set up in the booth attracted my attention.

I ended up picking a book titled The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz. Originally published in 1959, the book has been updated in a bid to keep up with the rapidly changing times.    

After skimming through the first few pages, I knew I needed to read the whole book. The publication dispenses practical ideas that boost confidence, cultivate positivity, and nurture habits that make successful people stand out from the crowd.

Thinking big is a mindset that transforms lives. It involves setting ambitious goals, embracing bold visions, and believing in the possibility of achieving more than what seems immediately feasible.

One sip after another, I turned the pages of the aforementioned book. Savoring high-quality coffee while feeding my mind was profoundly enriching. The warmth of the cup in my hands and the rich aroma of its content enhanced the reading experience tremendously.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay at Bloomin Cafe long enough to finish the book. I will be dropping by often, each time turning a few more pages while getting my daily dose of caffeine administered.