This DR Congo's Peninsula Is Magical

Peninsulas offer island atmospheres while eliminating the logistical hurdle that requires boats to navigate. You can drive or walk to one instead of relying on floating vessels. Around the world, these magical creations are attracting real estate developers and investors in the tourism sector.

Peninsulas come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common. They are almost surrounded by water. The term peninsula is originated from a Latin word paeninsula which means almost an island.

Located in the South Kivu Province of DR Congo, Muhumba Peninsula is heavenly. The greenest suburb of Bukavu leaves every nature enthusiast in awe. It is an ideal getaway locale for those who need to reclaim their peace of mind.

Lake Kivu is surrounded by many breathtaking peninsulas. However, insecurity and poor infrastructure hinder the development of tourism on the Congolese side of the lake. Despite these unfavorable conditions, posh residences and accommodation facilities are sprouting up on the most strategically located peninsulas. In Bukavu for instance, the governor’s residence, the American consul’s residence and the serene Amani Retreat Center are found in the lush Muhumba Peninsula’s forest.

Muhumba Peninsula overlooks Rwanda’s equally attractive Karambo Peninsula. The two picturesque geographical features sandwich the southern tip of Lake Kivu. It is here where the source of Rusizi River is traced. The said river empties into Lake Tanganyika.The far end of the narrow piece of land is a stone’s throw away from Kamarari Island. Farther ahead, one can see the Rwandan islands of Kabakobwa, Gihaya and Nkombo. That’s a sight to behold.