Mombasa to Tanga

After exploring Mombasa by night, I barely slept. The plan was to catch an early morning bus to Tanga, Tanzania. Unfortunately, every bus was fully booked. I would have purchased a ticket online weeks earlier, but I wasn't sure I would make it to the bus station in the morning after patrolling the city all night. 

Failure to find a direct bus to Tanga didn't prompt me to change my itinerary. I had a long journey ahead. My budget wouldn't allow me to stay in one place longer than initially planned. Besides, I had to be home for Christmas.

My plan B involved crossing a ferry to Likoni and finding my way to the Horohoro border post via Diani and Lunga Lunga. After crossing the border, I proceeded to Tanga in northeastern Tanzania.

East Africa's coastline is quite enchanting. The strip is embellished with white-sand beaches and swaying coconut trees. While soaking up the beauty of the area, I experienced life in local communities and felt the spirit of my hosts. In addition, I learned more about the intriguing Swahili culture.

During my previous trip to the East coast of Africa, I visited Watamu and Malindi. This time around, I had a stopover in Diani before heading to Horohoro. On the other side of the border, I had a memorable sojourn in Tanga before traveling to Bagamoyo.

My next post in this section will highlight my experiences, observations and encounters in Tanga. Spoiler alert: This municipality exceeded my expectations.