08 Aug

As I always say, walking enables me to observe and absorb more. In addition, strolling around my host community’s settlement gives me a sense of belonging. While visiting Kivuruga Sector in Gakenke District, I had memorable walking tours around a few villages, courtesy of Beyond the Gorillas Experience (BGE).

Dubbed Authentic Village Walk, this activity is popular with tourists who need to experience life in rural Rwanda. Apart from exploring villages on foot, the excursion involves encountering members of the local communities and participating in their economic activities.

Speaking of activities, there is no shortage of things to do. From weaving baskets and brewing banana beer to producing honey and building houses, among other things, visitors create lasting memories while improving livelihoods in their host communities.

It’s a different way of life out there. Something different is what we look for when we deviate from our monotonous routines. Escaping to the village is the right prescription for whoever needs a break from the fast-paced rhythm of urban life.

Foreign tourists take advantage of these getaways to learn basic Kinyarwanda and meet wonderful people. Most importantly, they gain insights into different cultural practices and expand their horizons.

The Authentic Village Walk is also useful to Rwandans who have never lived in rural areas and those who have been detached from their roots for a while. It is a unique opportunity for them to reconnect with their origins and acquire valuable skills.