28 Jul

While visiting some districts, I review or provide basic information about different accommodation options. I am not doing the same in Nyagatare because I haven't visited enough lodging facilities in the area. I would love to, but it's time to leave for Gicumbi. Before I hit the road, let me write something about the place I spent my last night in the Eastern Province.

As mentioned in my previous post, Umuvumba Riverside Lodge is named after the most popular, if not the only, river in Nyagatare. The said river is the primary source of domestic, agricultural and industrial water supply in the area. As a tributary flowing into the Kagera River, it is part of a network of rivers that form the upper headwaters of the Nile.

Located in the affluent neighborhood known as Mukizungu, Umuvumba Riverside Lodge is quite serene. The tranquility I felt in this suburb had something to do with my choice of a place to stay.

Guests enjoy hot showers and Wi-Fi. The latter is important to me because this tour involves blogging on a daily basis while using online design tools to work on the upcoming book. Whilst hot water and internet connectivity are basic needs to most of you, they are not guaranteed in every affordable guest house.

Speaking of affordable guest houses, it costs Rwf 15,000 (less than USD 15) to spend a night in this home-away-from-home. Currently, the lodge hosts mainly business visitors from public institutions, NGOs and development partners.

Plans are underway to develop new tourism products in Nyagatare. When that happens, Umuvumba Riverside Lodge will warmly welcome leisure tourists like me. Hopefully, I paved the way.