07 Aug

While in Rulindo, I learned how to make and play the iconic African drum. Then I had a sightseeing tour around the district. This memorable spin was both awe-inspiring and informative. At the end of the adventure-filled day, I checked into Rusiga Highland Resort.

Found in Rusiga Sector, this serene resort is built on a hill elevating more than 2,000 meters (approximately 7,000 feet) above sea level. After a peaceful night, I took an easy walk around the property. It was a beautiful sunny day. The panoramic views of the valley and parts of Kamonyi and Muhanga were breathtaking.  

On one side of the hill, I saw the Nyabarongo River. As I said in the beginning of this solo expedition, the longest river in Rwanda flows across all five provinces of Rwanda. On the other side, I saw the grandeur of hills rolling all the way to Gakenke, Burera and Musanze. On a good day, one can see the volcanoes from the same spot.

The resort is surrounded by paved scenic trails. For those who prefer longer treks, there is a dirt trail sloping all the way to the course of the aforementioned river. This area is a hiker's paradise. 

Over the past three years or so, I have been escaping to this resort quite often. Apart from hiking, I like burning calories on the basketball court and participating in beach volleyball games amid sizzling barbecues with friends.       

In addition, my favorite resort in Rulindo has a backyard farm from which fresh supplies are procured. Guests who wish to learn how to milk cows or harvest coffee, among other activities, can have a hands-on experience within the premises. 

When I finally left for Gakenke, my phone, camera and other electronic devices were fully charged. So was my body, mind and spirit. My next few posts will highlight my experiences in Gakenke, the 13th sub destination of this grand tour of Rwanda. Stay tuned.